The Centre de lecture d'images du fond d'œil would like to offer a service to help in the diagnosis of patients at a distance, following the model of tele-medicine.

It is also intended to be an outreach and education tool for optometry students, sensitizing them to the reality of systemic diseases such as diabetes and specific diseases related to primary care in remote areas.

The Centre de lecture d'images du fond d'œil was created in part by a grant from the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec awarded in February 2013.

Please note that the reading center is currently used as part of a pilot project and will be open eventually to the optometric community.

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Readers training
« Quality Assurance»

  • The Reading Center has 12 optometrists, teachers and clinicians from the School of Optometry, who were trained by the University of California, Berkeley , following the model established by George Bresnick, M.D.
  • Quality assurance is provided by the Department of Ophthalmology at the University of Montreal, following an agreement established in 2013.