Interactions between attention and action

We are interested in understanding how attention interacts with eye and arm movements.  Specifically, we would like to establish how attention influences movement for eye movements, hand movements and during coordinated movements of the eyes and the hands, such as is the case in everyday tasks.

Conversely, we are also investigating how the planning of these kinds of movements influences where and how attention is allocated. We study these questions using behavioural experiments, e.g. psychophysics, testing both neurological intact participants, which tells us how attention and action interact in the healthy brain, and patients with brain lesions, which provides insight into behavioural disorders in attention and action and the role of different brain areas in these functions. We also complement lesion studies with non-invasive electrical stimulation studies; transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) modulates neuronal excitability in brain areas of interest to elucidate their specific involvement in different functions related to attention and action.